The garment draw inspiration from the hunting red jacket, from which the colour is an echo of the livery court at the time of Henry the second, who first proclaimed the fox hunting as a royal pastime. The jacket has been settled free from the traditional context and lighted by playing with the same elements of man’s jacket, for example the flap. The structure remains masculine in the construction cuts, as it is usual in an hunting jacket, but in the passage to the garment will take a clean break in the waist, by passing through the idea of a gown to the dress made of two pieces, with a jacket and a crotch, connected in the game of the pockets, in which, even having two garments, the dress in its own imagine looks like only one, It is like a coat.


The suit presents flap to the skirt, and in the jacket and flap in the waist, reminding the pockets and the men’s waist pocket.


At the front of the dress we have the idea of a jacket, while at the back the double curved that continue on the skirt and create another imagine, that it is different from the context, a distortion of the dress, in an infinitive time space, in this fusion that the dress becomes unique and modern, by taking life and acquiring its own identity. In the suit we can see the cohesion of times and styles, by making it universal, it is going from a jacket for few people to a dress for all, where the finality is the people’s value, bringing a consciousness of themselves, to an awareness higher and richer.


Notable is the fabric in suit, which is always red like the hunting jacket,

where the waved game of the weaves with reflections fibres creates light effects and big contrasts that it evokes the personality of the gown.


In the design we can see the accuracy of the line, the shape and the structure, original creations, where the coded rules are being broken in total freedom.

From the sketches to the cloth drawing, up to fitting of the dress

The suit is basted for fitting, it is confirmation of the work that is behind tailormade operation, the neck, the sleeves and crotch are basted , all the manufactured has been given particular care in minimum detail, from the sketches, to cloth-pattern from the cut of the fabric to cloth until the final fitting.