Carmelina Raco is born in a small town in the north of Bari, she grows under the influence of her mother, she is a tailor as well, surrounded by tailor machines, pins, fabrics and sketchers and she starts to develop a passion in creating clothes. She takes a diploma as a fashion stylist in 1997 and she starts her training in the haute couture for men at the studio of Giuseppe Colavito.

After several years of apprenticeship in 2003 she moves to Milan, where she will start to work in the international high fashion design of Fernando Caraceni, which can boast illustrious clients like the magnate Niarchos and Silvio Berlusconi and other from the world of politics and show business. She dedicates the next ten years to study and improving of man’s hand tailored jacket and its main structure, as in other garments of male production. Up to the Ulster of Irish tradition more strictly refined.

From 2013 to 2016 She fills the position of manager of production for Ferdinando Caraceni ’s international tailoring by coordinating the staff and organising all the phases of the work defining and managing the goals and continuing to handle in person the production of the garments, by taking the measures of the client, by creating the model and cutting the garments.

All the vocational training and professional growth are dedicated to the realisation of a unique and exclusive dress, a creative path from the sketch to the pattern, up to the choice of fine materials, by freeing tailored outerwear of defined structures, projecting beyond itself, by realizing its own potential and its best ambitions. By recognising in it its own identity and inner life as its own projection.

The handmade dresses of the designer Carmelina Raco show a reality that is an expression of a need in quality and perfection opening a way to research of absolute.

Carmelina Raco wants to give a contribution with her handcrafted work in order to bring the real brand of made in Italy and in 2019 she founds her own tailoring studio Carmelina Raco.


Carmelina Raco creator of tailormade cloths, deconstructs the male outerwear tailored freeing it from clear patterns and raising it to a universal garment. A trend reversal of formal and traditional models and in the opening and merging of a possible balance, the dress come to life and acquires its own identity, in a limitless time space.


“There is no limitation to the construction of an outfit”.
Carmelina Raco


The aim is to transcend the time, by emancipating the garments to eternity as a real artwork.

In a perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine, in a concrete elegance where the cohesion between the ethic and aesthetic are determined by the result.

Historical references and classic rules are marked in British fabrics made modern by cuts and accessories or stylistic infrastructures.