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The creative reality is in the extraordinary ability of observation, which allows us to transcend the merely material aspect of the dress, with the aim of perceiving it beyond its external appearance. A dress as an expression of art, full of insights to be released, in the construction of new clothing and which represent the social reality of its time.


In a perfect balance between masculine and feminine while having a rigorous imagine, the braces structure cut, a classic cut for women’s dresses, it gives the maximum fit to the chest and breast. In the suit we can see the continuity of men’s tailoring, but at the same time also a breaking with the rules, an example the pockets repeated and parallel one another with a button and a horizontal buttonhole. The opening of the space between the neck and the flap of the dress in the point of joint of both, such as the slit of sleeves, lengthen in its height, it modifies the dimensions of the buttons by keeping the same number. Four sleeves buttons, the button of the jacket has one size, that is the same for the pockets, such as the front the sleeves, a lion is depicted in it, and it wants to show the personality of the dress.


The braces structure cut is in the dress, and the work made up front of the jacket creates overlap, one in front of the other, two distinct identities. In perfect harmony there is tailored skirt pants, as in the whole dress, which allows to be effectively a skirt, even maintaining the comfort and advantage of the crotch. It represents a turning point at structure level in its deepest essence which it works in every point from the aesthetic, to the harmony of lines. The challenge here is to reverse the current aesthetical rules, without affecting the dress in any of its components by giving a new life, an overturning of the concept connected to the tradition. The layering and the different lengths are clear in it, as the dress can show more levels, vertically and horizontally, in total freedom, brings out the strength of breaking the rules and going through “beyond the things” by realising an increasing in a value, the one of the quality, that step by step to infinity.


In the suit, the idea is to have a double breasted like the men’s which it has nothing to envy to it by creating a woman’s dress for the woman, which it plays with its elements, as the six- buttons placket buttoned, whose height on the front has allowed to have breast-flap of equal proportions to the classic double-breasted, in this way the jacket will still maintain a lengthened shape, in the construction process of two jackets in one. We are seeing a change of the rules also for the slit of the sleeves which is doubled in its heights, up to the elbow with the patch pockets that is an unusual choice for the elegance of the double-breasted. A big importance has the structure cut male that is the same as the men’s one, it maintains the maximum fit to the chest and breast, thanks to tailoring manufacturing, that it is devoted to a dress rigorous feminine, with a unique result. To complete the suit there is skirt -pants long up to the calf, which it gives comfort to the dress by giving an absolute elegance. Even this one tailored cut it seems a skirt itself, while maintaining the comfort of the crotch as in the trousers.


It is a real classic tailored made, the Ulster represents an undeniable elegance of the double breasts over coat, it requires, in the cut the richness that comes from its own appearance. There are deepest changes in it, because it is the garment indicative of a deep aesthetic conscience. In its structure there is a attention to the woman’s chest by having in the front a breast pleat, that it ends with pocket slit and then all the typical elements of the ulster, letter hole pockets, peculiar of its kind, six- buttons placket buttoned to the classic breast and neck. To sleeves there are handguards, and at the back-half belt bend. An item of clothing for woman that wants to show a strong and original personality.


In the creative freedom, a stance against the adaptation is taken and almost automatic situations are repeated together with the desire for leading the life to a higher quality level which is yet unknown as it is attracted by the openness to the new.

The manufacturing of the materials merged with the power of the creativity, they fix and mark in the dress the inner life of its creator, to go beyond itself, by elaborating the impulse of projecting over the reality realising an increase in value and the quality that in the dress is the expression of will. The continuous search to reach of a non-measurable quality that it is going to be realised through the inner experience, in a continuous increasing of self with a huge innovation, a virgin contribution, a kind of supplementary richness in the way that nothing seems to be prepared. The aim is to have a garment that it shows the changes, where the image is the enemy of the static nature of the preservation by giving a contribution to the progress of the universe. The mission is to be projecting the individual beyond the material reality, in a “spiritual perception” of quality which opens to new dimensions such as aesthetic and ethic ones and in the end “the sacred”, in a vertical ascent that it leads up to the ideal, through the infinity.